Brandi + Kyle Get Hitched!

November 13, 2008

If you are a faithful reader of our blog, you will have noticed a serious lack of content during late summer and early fall. Rest assured, we are still taking photos! We have had the opportunity to work with a lot of amazing couples this summer and are excited to share the images with you, however late they may be in arriving to the blog.
Brandi and Kyle were married in Portland this September, with one of the most unique ceremonies we have ever experienced! I’m sure if we lived in Las Vegas we would see this a lot more, but this just happened to be our first time shooting with Elvis as the officiant. “Elvis” was actually a dear friend of the bride and groom and not some impersonal impersonating imposter! This wedding was full of funky personal touches, emphasizing their amazing personalities. Kyle and Brandi put a lot of thought and planning into making their day a wedding like no other. Thank you for making us a part of it!

In the lobby at the Avalon Hotel & Spa.

Kyle brought these crazy 3-D type glasses for the guys. I love the way they reflected the light from my flashes! Not to mention the super-agent-spy-cool vibe they have going on.

The ladies walk along the waterfront on their way to the ceremony in downtown Portland.

They decided to combine their last names: Stone-Chilla. Has a nice ring to it. Shown here in Blade-Runner-esqe font.

Elvis preps for his big debut.

The ceremony started with a touching song by the King, accompanied on guitar by the groom.

Kyle also played and sang his own song as Brandi walked down the aisle.

Following the ceremony, we had the opportunity to walk around downtown with the couple for more photos. Which, of course, included a ride on the MAX!

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