Casie + Ian / Rustic DIY Ranch Wedding

January 24, 2014

[one_half first]Getting married during the biggest storm of the year should be a sign of good-luck, in our opinion. It certainly did not stop Casie & Ian from pulling off an amazing wedding. Their original plan to marry in the field shown below, was thwarted by torrential rains, and after some quick creative thinking (and a lot of hard work from friends and family present) they changed their plans to a cozy, intimate cabin ceremony. They exchanged their vows in front of the woodstove, as the rains played a tune on the metal roof above. It all turned out perfectly, and their dinner inside the ranch cook-house looked amazing thanks to the talents of Jessika at Lucky Heart Events. She and Casie spent hours putting together all the DIY touches including herb-infused salts and sugar for the guests, glittery-dipped feathers, lots of miniature golden figurines, and the outstanding brooch bouquet. Their rustic decor was a great fit for the space, and help lend a warm glow to the evening as the storm continued outside. Lucky for us, it subsided enough to get outside for a few photos and allowed the couple to plan the tree they had planned on for the original ceremony.[/one_half]
A big thank-you goes out to Michael Rowley who shot this with me, ran a killer photobooth, and even helped extract a certain vehicle from it’s muddy resting place.
Venue: Flying Horseshoe Ranch
Event Coordinator/Designer: Lucky Heart Events

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