Erin + Brian / Crag Rats Hut Wedding

January 16, 2015

The Crag Rats Hut is a wonderful place for an intimate wedding in Hood River, if you don’t mind being surrounded by orchards with an amazing view.  On one of the hottest days of the year, Erin & Brian celebrated with their friends and family and danced the night away as the sun slowly sank behind Mt. Hood.
hood-river-crag-rats-hut-wedding-004 hood-river-crag-rats-hut-wedding-006 hood-river-crag-rats-hut-wedding-008 hood-river-crag-rats-hut-wedding-013 hood-river-crag-rats-hut-wedding-015 hood-river-crag-rats-hut-wedding-017 hood-river-crag-rats-hut-wedding-020 hood-river-crag-rats-hut-wedding-026 hood-river-crag-rats-hut-wedding-028 hood-river-crag-rats-hut-wedding-031 hood-river-crag-rats-hut-wedding-034 hood-river-crag-rats-hut-wedding-041

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