Details, Details, Details

June 5, 2009

There were so many amazing details from Matt & Logan’s Mt. Hood wedding that they deserve a blog post of their own! What really stood out to us about the details and planning of their wedding was the uber-creativity and DIY aesthetic that defined every last detail, as well as an environmentally sensitive approach.  Not to mention the thoughtfulness and soul that imbued everything. For example, the image below is of a newspaper flower. As beautifully simplistic as it is, the real beauty of this detail comes from it’s backstory….
As Logan explains it, the newspaper-flower idea was born from their Sunday morning routine of reading the New York Times together–a simple pleasure they love.
There were literally hundreds of these flowers worked into the decorations for the wedding, and each one was hand cut and put together by the bride and groom, with a little help from family and friends.  This is particularly amazing given the fact that they both finished medical school the week before the wedding! [I will be signing up for productivity and time-management classes as soon as they start offering them!]
Click on the image to continue reading and see more of the stunning details from this unique wedding.

All of the wood and branches were brought from Aspen trees in Logan’s home state of Colorado.

If hand-cut paper flowers isn’t enough awesomeness for you, check out all these hand-knit goodies that were available for the guests to keep as favors! (This was in April, but Mt. Hood is still a pretty cold and snowy place that time of year!)

The hats, scarves, and gloves  were definitely a hit!

I even scored these killer arm-warmers and snagged a quick photo with the designer . They really came in handy for the last shot!